With coronavirus social distancing guidelines being in place for the foreseeable future, shopping and retail has changed as we know it. Waiting in queues, 2 metre  social distancing and wearing PPE is the minimum we can expect to this new way of life. But, how is this affecting retail businesses?

Revenue, customer footfall and experience is being affected. People are being put off by long waiting times for queues, footfall is down and revenue is being affected. However, a solution has been found that can help businesses tackle managing queues for their businesses. . Amber Jacklabs, have created this FREE app called ‘SafeW8’ to help retailers and businesses manage their virtual queues. It can help improve the customer convenience and experience, while complying with safety guidelines and cut down on unnecessary queue time, by using the SafeW8 app.

Setting up the SafeW8 app for businesses is very easy. Below is an illustration of how it would be done.

There are many advantages for using the SafeW8 app and we have listed below just a few:

  • Push lost demand from peak periods to shoulders
  • Steer customers towards less busy times
  • Potential to recover lost revenue from customers walking away
  • Free up capacity for late customers or no shows
  • Customers wait in cars or close by
  • Plan day based on wait times
  • Loyalty Programs

For those running a large business:

  • Dedicated greeter at front entrance to admit customers
  • Optional person managing Exit
  • Associates around store can request to stop the queue if section gets busy

For those running a small business:

  • No dedicated greeter at the door
  • Tablet at entrance letting people know who can enter next
  • Cashier releases next person when they check someone out

SafeW8 is the future for delivering a better shopping experience for both customers and businesses. For more information visit: https://www.safew8.com/