We were engaged by a fast food manufacturer & franchiser to deliver training and communications on a business transformation programme.


  • The business was growing at pace and the company required a new ERP system to manage the volume of transactions
  • Our challenge was to help the business understand how the new system would change their roles through the delivery of training and communications
  • The company decided to go live during one of their peak trading periods, necessitating a seamless transition from the old way of working to the new way of working
  • In order to meet the demand on the day of the go-live, all sales orders had to be shipped during a short delivery window


  • We first conducted an impact assessment to analyse the scale of the change between the current way of working and the new way of working by role and process area
  • These results fed into a training needs analysis where we determined the topics needing to be trained out to the business by topic, function and role
  • Built and delivered a training programme following the “train the trainer” approach in order to develop capability in the business
  • To address the divide between the business and the project, we regularly escalated training attendance to the appropriate directors
  • To reinforce training and prepare the business for the seamless transition to the new way of working, we conducted negative testing leading up to the go live
  • Leading up to the cutover, we ran a series of communication campaigns, including general awareness and contests to reinforce training
  • We tailored the communication campaigns by functional area. To ensure the warehouse teams were ready to meet demand and ship all the orders on the day of the go-live, we facilitated a quiz run by the warehouse managers. The quiz focused on the key changes in the new way of working so that the teams were ready for the go-live. Additionally, we created large posters depicting the new processes in the warehouse.


  • Go-live considered a huge success as 97% of deliveries were on time from Day 1
  • Several weeks after go-live, the business was able to meet customer demand and reached recorded levels of manufacturing
  • Directors fed back that the communication campaigns reinforced the training and were the reason their teams were ready for the go-live