Business Challenge:

Our client, a farm supply store with 125 locations across 13 states in the US as well as a growing e-commerce site, had quite literally outgrown their own retail infrastructure. CMG was appointed to ensure streamlined adoption of their new POS and Inventory systems by 8,000+ end users across their 125 stores, in a tight 8-month time period – whilst staying mindful of travel and budget constraints (plus the variable Covid-19 restrictions).  Additionally, the end user population was hesitant to accept the need for change.


Our priority was to develop an effective training program that was easily scalable through multiple communication channels.

We developed a custom Train-the-trainer Program to leverage end user expertise with geographical considerations to deliver the most impactful training possible within the timescale and budget.

A Super User team was carefully selected – based on experience, attitude and geographical location – to attend 2.5 days of in-depth training at the client’s HQ.   Their training was a mix of instructor-led systems training and practice as well our Train-the-trainer Program, which covered how to train others and change management methodology.

Those that completed this training became the client’s Super User System Experts, who were fully trained on the systems and also experienced in reiterating the importance and need for change. They were responsible for their home store training as well as mentoring neighbouring stores ahead of their go-live.

CMG’s End-to-end Communication Plan included critical touch bases with store teams throughout duration of go-live schedule to identify and address all issues in real time as well as a full eLearning program to support the end-user training.


  • 125 stores went live with new POS and Inventory systems in line with original 8-month schedule.
  • Maximised training impact while limiting travel and training expense.
  • End-to-end communication approach allowed for real-time feedback with any system issues, minimising store and customer impact.
  • Train-the-trainer sessions elevated baseline training and management skills of key store employees.
  • Client is now armed with a roster of Super User System Experts across its organisation that are well-versed in training and change management plus an eLearning library to support ongoing staff training.

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