Our client is a multinational retail franchise operator who are undertaking a major transformation programme .  We have been engaged to project manage the programme  and to implement our in-house change methodology to ensure a successful and sustainable outcome.

As change experts, we are designing and establishing a Change Management Office structure to implement this change.  We are implementing our proven change methodology and toolkit across the business, tailoring it to the client to ensure a successful and structured transformation outcome.

As part of the project the client has engaged multiple individual vendors, including JDA, who have embedded their individual Change Teams into the business.  Each of these teams have brought different ways of working and different templates and it is imperative that they are aligned to ensure operational consistency.

Part of our role has involved aligning the vendors’ deliverables to add precision and clarity to the project.  As such, we have been working closely with JDA and other vendors to provide them with specific tools and templates.

This enables us to provide the client with visibility of the impacts to systems, processes and people, providing a clear view of the end-to-end impact of the programme .

Image from: monticellllo – stock.adobe.com