Our client, a leading hospital Trust, faced a ‘burning platform’ and needed to develop an IT strategy within a short timescale due to their existing outsourced IT service being on the point of being closed down. We delivered a high quality, comprehensive IT strategy document and practical roadmap for implementing the strategy, which improved the day-to-day operations of the Trust.


Our client, a leading hospital Trust, needed to develop an IT strategy within a short timescale. The existing outsourced IT service was on the point of being closed down and they faced a ‘burning platform’ with its core Patient Administration System (PAS) about to come off vendor support.
The Trust had grown and changed significantly in recent years and had reached a scale where a number of clinical processes needed better IT support to run smoothly whilst the leadership team needed better management information.
The IT strategy was a key component of the Trust’s integrated business plan (IBP) which had to be submitted as part of its application for Foundation Trust status.


A team of three management consultants was established to work with Trust management and staff to deliver the IT strategy within eight weeks. The team had a broad range of expertise including hospital clinical and management processes, NHS applications and IT infrastructure, IT strategy development and IT service delivery, governance and programme management.
The team identified the Trust’s key business drivers and objectives and used this as the basis for developing a business operating model, covering the organization structure, processes, data and key user characteristics.
In parallel, the team assessed the current (‘as-is’) organization, IT infrastructure, applications and service delivery model, to highlight the key issues and identify opportunities for improvement.
The operating model and IT assessment were compiled and compared to “best practice” from other Trusts and other sectors, leading to an Enterprise Architecture model for the client and a clear blueprint for implementing the strategy.


We delivered a high quality and comprehensive IT strategy document, that improved the day-to-day operations of the Trust, on time and budget. The strategy was presented to the Trust board and strongly endorsed by the Chairman, CEO and Deputy CEO.
The strategy set out specific solutions for core application areas, including patient administration, radiology and pathology, and provided a shortlist of options for all other key application areas based on the NHS’s Additional Supply of Capability and Capacity (ASCC) framework.
We recommended IT infrastructure changes to ensure disaster recovery, improve performance and create efficient IT support. Other specific solutions related to IT organization, service delivery approach and their IT governance arrangements.
We provided a practical roadmap for implementing the strategy, including a three-phase development approach, the timescales, key dependencies, high level resource estimates and key delivery risks. Following approval by the board the management team immediately kicked off the first phase of strategy implementation.
This brought benefits that will positively impact the patient experience for years to come.