Our client was an international sourcing company, based in the Middle East, which sourced products from Asia for retailers around the world.  They had made the decision to implement the sourcing software Tradestone and had engaged us to implement it across their business.  This was an international project as we were engaged to train their core team across the following countries:  Hong Kong, Peru, USA, Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.


As this was an international project, across nine countries across the world, we made the decision to cascade training and delivery skills.  We selected nine Business Trainers,  one per country, and ran “Train the Trainer” training with them.  Once they were trained they returned to their individual countries and trained Super Users, 30 of them across the world.  These Super Users then trained the End Users.

In order for this cascade concept to work successfully, the training programme and assets were hugely important.  Therefore we worked closely with the business to develop world-class training materials, to maximise the effectiveness of the training.  We had to translate the course materials into a range of languages, including Mandarin.  To add more complexity to the project we also created multi-lingual e-learning modules, completion of which was a pre-requisite for the training.


Tradestone was successfully launched across nine countries globally to over 500 people.