We recently helped a rapidly growing European hotel group to map their current operating model and identified an action list of recommendations to support their ambitious growth plans.


The hotel group had grown rapidly in recent years with hotels across 12 countries.  With ambitious growth plans, the company wanted to scale the volume of hotels without increasing cost in staffing their commerce, customer care and sales teams. They asked CMG to help them map current business processes and identify opportunities for streamlining and automating ways of working.

Our Approach

Over a 7 week period, CMG facilitated a series of workshops across 8 business functions to:

  • Map the end-to-end guest journey from enquiry to check-out and the different scenarios and channels available for the guest at each step
  • Capture what functions do today (to Level 4)
  • Capture pain points, challenges, root causes and areas for improvement
  • Prioritise  recommendations
  • Create an implementation plan

The Benefits

  • 120 process maps created across 8 functions that allowed the business to understand what happens today
  • 300+ recommendations identified with supporting root causes – these were simplified into 9 key initiatives across 3 workstreams for the Exec
  • Supporting implementation plan created to help land the opportunities

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