We were engaged to work with a UK-based department store chain who required assistance in deploying an ERP solution across their stores in order to enable future strategic initiatives.



  • A UK-based department store chain wanted to deploy an ERP solution across all stores in a technology landscape where some stores had an existing legacy ERP and other no ERP
  • The pilot deployment had encountered numerous issues that resulted in poor user adoption. In addition change support was not in place to support the deployment
  • Training was unable to scale to meet the demands of the deployment plan
  • In addition benefits were unclear and adoption was not tracked


  • CMG provided an embedded Change Team in the company’s Head Office, together with Business Implementation Managers in each of the key department stores. The project consisted of three broad phases:
  • Phase One focused on stabilising the pilot store. This was achieved through:
    • Fixing the existing issues
    • Planning and supporting business implementation into the remaining departments
    • Re-energising the store and programme teams
    • Building the approach, business case and plans for the next wave of store deployments
  • In Phase Two we introduced the Business Implementation Managers to support the deployment to the next wave of stores. The approach was:
    • Leverage the lessons learned from the pilot
    • Build capability in the client teams
    • Ensure the deployment approach was repeatable
    • Develop standard ways of working
    • Create a sense of ownership
    • Continuously improve
  • In addition Phase Two also delivered a revised training programme and an approach to tracking adoption and benefits associated with each deployment
  • Phase Three focused on transferring knowledge and building a change capability within the client to ensure future technology deployments could be client-led


  • The deployment to the pilot store and subsequent waves were completed successfully
  • A re-usable change toolkit was developed for the client to support future technology deployments
  • The training was scaled to meet the programme requirements
  • Benefits and adoption tracking was introduced