We helped a large US farming retailer’s go live with several Oracle Retail systems and modules, replacing their legacy ERP and involving a complex network of integrations. CMG supported the technical cutover by building reporting to validate the data migration and ensure key integrations were working as expected, as well as consolidating and rebuilding over a hundred business reports.

The Challenge

  • The business needed visibility on several separate database systems to check it was all synchronised and up to date. 
  • Through various SQL queries and email updates we created tactical reports and high- level consolidation dashboards to provide oversight into the integrity of the data integrations.
  • Many business-critical reports needed conversion from the old reporting platform to the new, particularly for purchasing and accounting teams.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the client team and service provider to identify and monitor key data elements that needed oversight during and after the implementation:

  • Validated the integrity of migrated data into the new ERP, particularly of POs and Receipts. 
  • Provided daily reporting of key transactions across several different systems (including the WMS, Store Inventory database, Store and Online sales platforms and Invoicing and financial systems) to flag and support troubleshooting of integration issues.
  • Large-scale data reconciliation between systems for various areas, including inventory levels, pricing, and product and supplier details.
  • Recreated over 70 reports in the new reporting system across several departments including Accounting and Merchandising.
  • Built several ad-hoc reports and dashboards across various systems, including for auditing, weekly stock and sales and monitoring stock levels.


During a time of intense change, this data support allowed the business to continue to operate effectively whilst adapting to new processes and opportunities. 

  • Helped identify and prevent major data inconsistencies during data migration.
  • Provided oversight and analysis of where integrations were failing and how they could be resolved.
  • Supported the investigation and resolution of several data issues.
  • Built business critical reports for both operational functionality and high-level business analysis. Reports were also consolidated, saving many hours of manual data manipulation.