Our client, a multinational alcoholic beverage company which operates over 132 sites globally, launched a decision making capability that would deliver sustainable, profitable growth and allow the business to obtain richer insights to inform faster action. The Programme transformed the business to a data culture with new mindsets, behaviours and processes, powered by data and technology.

The transformation spanned across three core areas:

Process: Establishing a new cross-functional Enterprise Performance Management Process, comprising of new collaborative ways of working and new meetings with new roles and accountabilities.

Product: Introducing new data and analytics to enable the shift to a data literate organisation. New performance dashboards would be used live in meetings, consolidating data to a single source and allowing for easier and faster decision-making. A total of 17 dashboards were launched, each answering a business performance question and supported to take timely and data-driven decisions.

Capability: Securing a culture change through uplifting data literacy capabilities, including data trust, storytelling and using data to course correct and improve business performance.

The Programme was piloted in GB initially and aimed to deliver £126M in benefit and 15-20% time saving. Its successful delivery is having a significant impact on the way performance is managed in GB today, and constitutes a strong foundation to enable its roll out to other markets globally.


CMG were asked to lead the change, adoption and transformation for all parts of the Programme. CMG partnered with the Operating Model, Product and Data Literacy Teams to ensure the focus was on holistic transformation to secure full adoption of the new Process, Product and Data behaviours across 300 business colleagues. Our approach empowered the business to be accountable and to lead their own change, and included ways to motivate and support the business to change.

We worked to the following principles to secure continued adoption of the Product:

  1. Business-led change. Our Change Team were co-resourced with GB Market colleagues to ensure strong relationships and we identified cross-functional change Agents to lead the change delivery
  2. Agile. Our Impact assessments, Training and Communications were delivered incrementally in-line with release of new dashboards
  3. Holistic Delivery. We worked cohesively with all Vendors to ensure delivery of integrated change to the business
  4. Realistic and Pragmatic. We created simple and pragmatic approaches that delivered outcomes fast for the design & delivery of change


  • +£14M Net Sales Value improvement by data-driven actions taken within the monthly cycles
  • +£10M Operating Profit improvement as Product and Process help to balance inflation and share
  • +20M Working Capital savings driven by Operating Cash Flow improvements
  • 75% adoption targets met across Product, Process and Capability measures
  • Up to 100 hours saved per colleague per month with many users saving days of valuable time
  • Over 200 active monthly users, with users most commonly using 5 dashboards within an average of 8 sessions per month