We were engaged by a well-known high street fashion retailer to map their wholesale & franchise business processes and  conduct a software selection.


  • Our client’s wholesale and franchise channels were growing quickly and the teams were struggling to manage the business
  • The business was managed entirely on spreadsheets and our challenge was to streamline their end-to-end business processes, define business requirements and conduct a software selection to recommend systems to support the forecasted growth


  • We first mapped their business processes, from product development and showroom through to distribution and invoicing
  • We captured pain points in the processes and opportunities for streamlining the operations
  • We defined a set of business requirements and criteria to conduct software selection. We used the requirements and criteria to identify roughly ten systems to assess
  • We proposed a few architecture designs based on the systems we evaluated and the company’s IT roadmap
  • As the IT roadmap did not allow time to implement a wholesale specific solution, business decided to conduct detailed process review workshops to identify pain points to target
  • Based on the output of the workshops, we developed an agile approach to rationalise and simplify the existing spreadsheets
  • We embedded a consultant directly among Wholesale teams to allow for close communication and feedback, and develop a deep understanding of employee roles and functions, documents and systems, the underlying processes, and broader insight into relationships inside and outside the organisation
  • For processes that were complex, highly variable or across several roles and parties, we would map and analyse  the process to understand the degree of business or technical effort required


  • The initiative ultimately led to significant time savings (over 90 labour  hours per week across the Wholesale team)
  • By simplifying the spreadsheets, we improved the data accuracy, accessibility and insight,
  • We produced higher team productivity and confidence. The changes empowered individuals to think more strategically on their ways of working and how they could contribute