Our client, a well-known high street fashion retailer with a newly implemented Agile IT Operating Model, engaged us to provide best practice change management support.

As part of our client’s ongoing IT transformation, a central change management team was formed to support change programmes across the IT department. Although the concept of change management was not new, it was not formalised or delivered consistently across the business. As such, support was needed develop and launch an internal change capability by way of:

  • Developing an agile change management methodology for delivering technology led change
  • Embedding the agile change management methodology across the IT operating model


Our first priority was the development and launch of an internal change capability and a tailored agile change methodology, to ensure the business was fully engaged and ready to take ownership for the adoption and sustainability of technology led change.

We used our extensive organisational change methodology and experience building change hubs to take the central change team on a journey to define their agile change methodology. We began by gaining a clear understanding of the Agile IT Operating Model, including ways of working and what each team is responsible for.

With this in mind, we mapped out the change management approach across the Agile IT Operating Model and identified the activities / deliverables required during each phase. Following this, we created the core tools, techniques and templates needed to support change programmes across IT.

This internal change capability and agile change methodology was launched via a number of engagement channels:

  • Change Team Meet & Greet
  • IT All Hands
  • Show & Tell Sessions
  • Tech Update (department newsletter)


By building an internal change management capability, we ensured the central change team were well equipped to support technology led change projects and programmes across the IT department.

Positive outcomes included:

  • A tailored agile change management methodology that enabled the client to provide best practice support and guidance on technology led change projects and programmes
  • The adoption and embedding of change management best practices and methods on IT projects and programmes, leading to improved ownership of technology led change and faster adoption
  • A reputation (central change team) across IT as a change management expert and trusted advisor