Burberry is expanding its reach to yet another channel – Apple TV.

Burberry is airing a menswear show on 11th January at 1pm GMT. This will make Burberry the first luxury fashion brand to broadcast a fashion show live on the platform.

The move comes as another step in the budding relationship between Apple and Burberry. Last year, Burberry was the first global brand to launch its own channel on Apple Music.

(Note: digital culture is changing the way retailers need to operate – read more about Building the Digital Experience)

The Apple TV app will also broadcast makeup tutorials, music performances by British artists, and past runway footage. Burberry has also promised to update the app throughout the year with additional live moments and exclusive content.

The show also includes a live performance by upcoming musician Benjamin Clementine – this is part of Burberry Acoustic films, an initiative to support emerging British musicians.

In 2015, Burberry experimented successfully with promoting its brand on new channels. The Burberry Spring 2016 show was streamed on Snapchat, allowing fans unprecedented behind the scenes access.

This initiative comes at the beginning of another disruptive year for retail. Burberry’s approach to trialling new methods of touching valued, and sometimes fickle, customers will no doubt continue to set them apart.

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