Our client, one of the world’s leading betting companies, had acquired a new business and engaged us to help manage the integration and implementation of a new operating model.

The scope included the definition of a new vision and the design and implementation of a business balanced scorecard.


  • The newly acquired business needed a new vision and supporting operating model
  • Historically, the business lacked effective performance management processes (both business and individual)
  • We were engaged to help define the business vision and a set of supporting strategic objectives and KPIs that could be cascaded to a role level, whilst establishing the governance and review processes that would enjoy business and individual performance was being effectively managed


  • We worked with the newly formed executive team to define a vision for the business
  • Using a balanced scorecard approach, we defined a set of dependent strategic objectives to deliver the vision
  • We then defined metrics, targets and bandings for measuring performance against each strategic objectives
  • Our scope included setting up the regular governance and review process for the balanced scorecard
  • Each segment of the balanced scorecard had ownership within the executive team and it was our role to coach them through preparing for the monthly review and to facilitate the meeting itself, ensuring they focused on an action oriented approach to ‘red’ metrics, whilst remaining challenging on targets
  • Separately, we worked with the segment owners to cascade the metrics into role level KPIs which were incorporated into role descriptions as part of the organisation  redesign process
  • We then helped define a new individual performance management process with supporting templates which was implemented as part of the launch of the new organisation  structure


  • The executive team could clearly see the drivers of delivering their vision, whilst individuals could see how their roles contributed
  • At an Exec level, there was clear ownership and accountability for delivery of the vision and could easily track their progress. This was also the first time they had such an holistic view of drivers of success – rather than just looking at outcome measures
  • Through cascading individual KPIs, it drove a culture of ownership and accountability through the business which was also in contrast to how they had worked previously
  • By the time we completed our engagement, the balanced scorecard review process was fully owned and embedded by the leadership team, and the review process was helping them drive delivery of their vision and targets for the year